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"A gentle sound of optimism, which reminds us to stop, smell the flowers, roll around in the grass, whenever necessary, so that only later, we can go back to war with the physical and circumstantial adversaries of our eternal following the light.” - Roadie Music

“Steeped in classic Rock and combining a wealth of musical interests and influences, Electric Lecture also tends to songwrite and record in a very “open” way, sharing ideas and allow sound directions to suggest themselves.” - Wildfire Music


“Vibrant and electrifying, Electric Lecture’s new song “What If?” is simply infectious. It’s indie-rock music with a dash of power pop. The track is upbeat and will inject you with a dose of positivity.” - Aipate


“The energy oozes into your heart in a stream of beautiful, melodic patterns and the sound of the guitars is already so close, you can almost feel the breath of the strings near you. Magic!" - Nagamag


“tongue-in-cheek look at conspiracy theories and the terror of “What if….” conjures up the classic ‘90s indie rock vibes that fans of They Might be Giants, Ween, and Fountains of Wayne will enjoy.” - GhettoBlaster

“What If is a shimmery & sunny anthem that borrows heavily from the 90s indie rock scene.” - MusicNGear

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